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As an outdoor sports community we are painfully aware that nature is becoming ever more harmed by pollution, and we often witness first-hand the horrendous effects of single-use plastic. 

Any company selling consumer goods will unavoidably cause harm to our planet. That is why we have chosen to implement our very own system of nature compensation that simultaneously benefits those in need. In our efforts we have teamed up with Empower who have enabled us to make the following commitment:

For every pair of eyewear sold we ensure a minimum 1 kg of plastic waste is collected and recycled.* 

The system is based on the long-standing success of the Scandinavian plastic bottle recycling system. By giving plastic a value, people are incentivised to recycle their plastic. Thanks to Empower this system is now being exported to other countries, and thanks to your purchase - plastic is being collected and recycled all around the world. 

Every donation is fully traceable to the exact time and location where the plastic is collected on your behalf. This ensures full transparency and all our customers will receive an update when your purchase has resulted in 1 kg less plastic polluting our environment. What's more, your support provides a working salary for the financially disadvantaged. 

This is our way of ensuring that while our sunglasses are inevitably adding durable plastic to the world, considerably more single-use plastic is collected and recycled. 

As always your VALLONs will be sent in our plastic-free packaging. 


Plastic Impact Map